Monday, March 12, 2012

Angelina Jolie's Hairstyle!!!!!

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Angelina Jolie 2006
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1 Think long, straight hairstyles have to lie flat? Think again. Even straight hair can be big and sexy if you've got the right cut and styling know-how.

2Use a volumizer at the roots of damp hair and a light, silicone-based product on the rest of the hair. Divide hair into two sections, a top one and a bottom one, for easier blow-drying. Pin the top section up and begin drying the bottom section.

3Flip your head upside-down once more and spray a light-hold hair spray at the roots of your hair. Remain upside-down for a few seconds to allow the hair spray to dry, and then flip right-side-up again.

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Get a great cut. Straight, long hair needs some layering to produce volume. Ask your stylist to create surface layers only and cut them at very sharp angles either by using a straight razor or by gliding the blades of the scissors through the surface of your hair. The layers should be long and blend with the rest of the hairstyle.

Angelina Jolie knows for sure how to sell herself. And no matter how her hair is styled or what makeup look she has preferred, Angie is gorgeous. Angelina Jolie is no doubt a role model for lots of girls and chimera of almost every man (except Brad Pitt, surely). And if you are among those who admire her beauty as we do then make sure to look at Angelina Jolie’s hairstyle evolution. We have picked out every Angelina’s fascinating hairstyle images starting from 1990 till now. Enjoy!

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