Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Best Solution For Women With Hair Loss

Women With Hair LossThe Best Solution For Women With Hair Loss

Sausalito, CA Peggy Knight Solutions is setting the bar for women with hair loss by offering high quality human hair wigs and hair pieces. For women, hair is an extremely important part of their total self-image. Imagine waking up one day to find a clump of hair on your pillow or your hairstylist informing you of bald patches on your scalp. For some women, this scenario is their unfortunate reality. Many women today find themselves devoting countless hours trying to hide their hair loss problem, while also attempting to maintain their self-esteem. By offering high quality Follea wigs and hair pieces, Peggy Knight Solutions is now able to provide affordable and fashionable hair loss solutions that are virtually undetectable.

Women With Hair Loss

Thanks to the professional hair replacement 

 options available for women today, those who suffer from hair loss no longer have to sacrifice their self-image and style. Women who have only lost a patch or two of hair may now opt for partial hair pieces to replace just the areas they have lost. Those with more alopecia or severe hair loss however, are starting to invest in high quality wigs as their salvation. 100% natural human hair wigs and pieces – especially those made from premium European hair – are truly an investment for women suffering from hair loss. These human hair wigs give the wearer an undetectable, natural look and can be washed and styled throughout their long lifetime.

Women With Hair Loss

By providing Follea Wigs to their hair loss clients 

Peggy Knight Solutions is changing lives and giving women a renewed sense of self and beauty. The hair quality, the natural haircolor shades, the blending of highlights and lowlights, the body, the lightness and the shine all make these special wigs and hair pieces look so natural, that they look better than other women’s natural hair on a good day!

Peggy Knight Solutions

Women With Hair Loss  was founded in 1995 by Peggy Knight, an alopecia sufferer herself. With Knight’s personal knowledge of hair loss, it makes her a very educated and respected advocate of professional human hair wigs and pieces. Knight also has 15 sales representatives that have experienced their own battles with hair loss. Knight notes, “We know how you feel, because we have walked in your shoes.” Knight and her team started working with Follea Wigs about a year ago. “The thing that makes Follea pieces unique is three fold,” Knight says, “One, the quality of the hair is amazing. Because I am a wig wearer myself, I know what bad hair is and Follea hair is truly the best you will ever find. Two, they and we will not, under any circumstances, release products that are poorly made. Every single one of their hair pieces will look natural and fit comfortably. Third, they provide a product you can truly trust, which is vitally important to first time wearers who may be feeling uneasy about wearing a wig.”

Knight sympathizes 

 “We will spend two or more hours with each of our clients, whether we are picking out hair or helping to work through their emotional issues. Many times, this is the very first time these women have spoken to anyone about hair loss. I am more than happy to spend the time to help them change their lives.”

Women With Hair Loss
Michael Leigh 

 president of Follea, notes, “Follea’s hand-selected Premium European hair selections are the rarest, most sought after hair available. The authenticity, luster, radiant shine, and natural movement of this hair is the reason it is chosen by celebrity hairstylists around the world. It is often referred to as “Russian Hair”, purchased from willing donors in and around the former USSR, which is now split into many individual countries. Over 100 leading hair replacement center owners have declared Follea’s hair to be the finest quality available. In return, we expect our salons and hair replacement centers to continue that same mission for quality, value and customer service.”

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