Friday, May 25, 2012

Hollywood's Best Bob Hairstyles

Top 5 Haircuts and Colors Right Now

1. Piecey Bob

JANUARY JONES’S STYLE: A below-the-chin, above-the-shoulders cut with long, choppy layers.

WHAT MAKES IT HOT: ”The length of this bob is what really creates that sexiness,” says celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend. “It’s meant to hit right at the sloping curve of the neck.”

WHO IT WORKS FOR: Every line of this haircut has been broken-up with thinning shears, which allows the hair to fall loosely with very little styling. Read: If you’re a shower, shake and go girl, this might be the perfect do for you. 
Hollywood's Hairstyles
Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

2. Modern Pixie

CATE BLANCHETT'S STYLE: A longish pixie shorn tightly on the sides with cheekbone length hair on top.

WHAT MAKES IT HOT: “This is a classic haircut, but it can be styled so many different ways,” says Townsend. The deep side part gives the pixie an understated elegance; a dab of mousse scrunched into damp strands could take the crop in a mod, ’60s direction.

WHO IT WORKS FOR: According to Townsend, a short cut is a great option for someone looking to lose brittle, damaged hair. “It’s also a perfect way to show off a long, graceful neck like Cate’s,” he says.
Hollywood's Hairstyles










3. Hidden Layers

Gwyneth Paltrow Hollywood's Hairstyles 







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4. Long Fringe

 Eva Mendes Hairstyles 
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5. Extra-Long Layers

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