Sunday, December 16, 2012



I though I’d start to round up the year with a summary of some of my favorite hairstyle that should have all your hair needs covered for the CHRISTMAS and coming new year 2013.

Pretty low side bun

Beautiful fashions/lifestyles but is also great at styling her long hair. This pretty low side bun is perfect for everyday or for a simple party up style.

The key to making this look strong and on trend, Centre parting will make look beautiful.

French Twist

French twists are usually worn to proms and weddings when they are in a tight fashion; however, one could wear a messier, looser look to the office or out on the town. Hair clips are also commonly used with French twists.

Dutch braided updo

A Dutch braid is a briad that appears to be braided into the hair, often described as braided backwards -strands, going under instead of over as in Franch braid and Christmas.

Short hair chignon

chignon is basically a bun, this is what makes it so versatile. Unless your hair is very short, almost anyone can wear it.

Ballerina bun

This is both Lauren and my favorite look right now for so many reasons. It’s classic, it’s quick, it can make you look taller, and you can wear it with almost anything! The ballerina bun can be worn high up on the top of your head or down lower near the back of your neck. Either way, our favorite ”go-to-do” for anyone with collar bone length hair or longer.

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  1. You've done good about Christmas hairstyles. Specially "Low side bun" is pretty good for women hairstyles in Christmas.

  2. Thanks amzad for your valuable post.