Sunday, December 23, 2012

New Hairstyles for New Year Party

Women's Hairstyles for New Year Party

In America, younger women favor volumized curly hair, feathered hair, and the Rachel haircut that trended in the early-mid 1990's and headbands of all sizes colors, and designs. Headbands thick and skinny of all colors and designs are popular. The pixie cut and bob cut are popular in Japan, the Caribbean, urban Southeastern Brazil, and New York. In spring 2012, jet black hair inspired by Katy Perry, Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian, has become increasingly popular among young American women, especially those who are naturally brunettes, while bleached blonde hair remains common in the UK. Many African-American women favor natural, Afro-textured hair in reaction to the damage caused by relaxers, opting instead for natural products to style their hair. European and Southern Brazilian women favor the ponytail, messy bun, hime cut popularized by the girl with the dragon tattoo Rooney Mara, and the French braid popularized by Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. In Britain the long, straight or wavy side-banged hair of the late-2000's remains popular, often kept in place with a cloth headband or plastic Alice band.

Men's Hairstyles for New Year Party

For men over 25, short hair remains the norm, although it has become increasingly popular since the mid 2000s to grow it out "short with texture," with blunt ends inspired by contemporary pop groups and the young James Dean. 1940s and 1950s haircuts have undergone a revival, with many British professionals wearing side partings, quiffs or slicked back hair. In America goatees and short haircuts like the buzzcut remain popular, usually among balding men. For African-American men, cornrows, mohawk variants of the hi-top fade, Afro, 360 Waves and jheri curl are coming back.

Youth Hairstyles for New Year Party

Many teenagers, especially indie teens and preppies, continue to wear the mid-length surfer hair and wings haircuts in the early 2010s, while the urban youth of England wear a type of short mullet or fauxhawk, with a single blonde stripe down the center and patterns known as train tracks shaved into the sides. The bangs hairstyle and headbands remain popular among teenage girls, especially those associated with the indie, preppy and scene subcultures. Common colors and designs include black velvet, animal print, hot pink, electric blue, white plastic, and red Paisley. In the early 2010s, Emo style fringes went out of fashion and an increasing number of scene kids began to cut their hair short for a hardcore punk look, a move away from the androgynous big hair popular in the late-2000s. Undercuts (nicknamed "Hitler Youth haircuts), pompadours, wide unstyled mohawks, beards, side-banged hair and long 1970s mod haircuts are popular among older hipsters. Around 2012, a long undercut or mohawk-like haircut, in which only one side of the head is buzzed, became popular among circles of ravers, metalcore, and dubstep fans in the US, possibly because of its similarity to that of musician Skrillex. The High Top Fade, often with a bleached blonde streak inspired by Wiz Khalifa, came back into style among African American youth on the West Coast; variations include the Gumby, a slanted box with one side higher than the other, and the Stair steps, where the High Top is made uneven and gradually goes up higher.

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