Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hairstyle of Aamir khan!!!!


Aamir Khan Hairstyle in Career Starting Movies

This was one of Aamir Khan oldest hairstyles and was used in his starting movie


Aamir Khan Hairstyle in Taare Zameen Par

Aamir Khan used this Hairstyle in the movie TAARE ZAMEEN PAR that explored the life and imagination of 8 year old and was gone for OSCAR Awards.

Aamir Khan Hairstyle in Ghajni

Aamir Khan use this Hairstyle in the movie GHAJINI that was an action and romantic blockbuster of 2008.Aamir Khan used this hairstyle for the promotion of the movie successfully nearby cinem a halls and restaurants in bigger cities like delhi, bombay etc.

I love this style. Its amazing how good and liberating the buzz cut is.
I hope stars like Aamir Khan make the buzz more famous.

Needless to say its Excellent work as usual. I love the hairline and the way the temples have been closed. Congrats.

Aamir Khan used this Hairstyle in first half and love story part of movie GHAJNI.

Aamir Khan Hairstyle in Ghajni Famous Song

Aamir Khan introduced this particular Hairstyle in the GHAJNI in a song and was quite popular

 I think if you have a good basic product of hair gel or mouse spike your hair, get that hairstyle. I do not think that the goatee (hair patch on the chin) looks nice.

Aamir Khan Hairstyle in Rang de Basanti

Aamir Khan used this Hairstyle in the movie RANG DE BASANTI that was a Drama movie of 2006 and one of best movie ever of aamir khan.

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