Sunday, March 25, 2012

Improper Hair Care

Improper Hair CareThe Signs of Improper Hair Care:

  Lint in the Hair:

1. Lint balls are most often caused by using the wrong kind of hair oil. Using hair grease products made with petroleum jelly or mineral oil should be avoided. The best hair oils are: shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil and royal jelly. Natural oils keep the hair soft, shiny and lint free. Knotted Hair Ends:

2. Knotted hair ends is a common sign that the hair ends need to be trimmed. Once the ends are clipped, the hair will be easier to comb.

Improper Hair CareDry Scalp and Dandruff:

Kids should typically not have a dry scalp. If you notice dandruff or a flaky scalp, try one of the following:
  • Shampoo the hair more often (every five days)
  •  Put costar oil on the dry areas before shampooing
  • Do not use petroleum or mineral oil on the scalp, but rather natural oils (see above)

Improper Hair CareDry Hair and Shedding:

1. Dry or dulling hair that sheds a lot is most often caused by:
  • Too infrequent shampooing and conditioning
  •  Using the wrong products
  •  Poor diet – lack of fresh fruits and vegetables and too little protein (and too many carbohydrates).
  •  Anemia (iron deficiency)
Traction Alecia (hair loss):

 This type of hair loss shows up along the hairline and looks like a smooth bald area. It’s often caused by too much pulling and hairstyles that are too tight. Elastic bands, tight braids, tight barrettes, hot combing, tight rollers and hard gels cause thin hairlines.

Improper Hair CareChemical Hair Breakage:

  1.  Breakage from a perm relaxer starts where the curly new hair growth meets the chemically straightened hair. The best way to grow natural hair back is to have it professionally braided until the permed hair can be cut off.
  2.  Shampoo the braids regularly to keep the hair soft. 
  3. Do not get a chemical touch-up to stop breakage. This caused the breakage, so it won’t stop it.

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