Thursday, March 15, 2012

Short Hair Style!!!!!

Take a little off the top! Easy to master and maintain, short hairstyles are cool, sexy, and -- best of all -- time-saving. With tons of stylish 'dos out there, it's easy to remain on the cutting edge.
e cutting edge.

Pixie Crop

This sexy, gamine short hairstyle plays up eyes, cheekbones, and other strong features (celebrities like Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman, and Katie Holmes have all sported versions of it). Smooth the long fringe bangs flat to change up the look, or wear it completely un-styled -- simply tousle with an anti-frizz product, and go.
Many of us do not realize that only a particular kind of style will go well with our facial structure. The right way, say stylists, is to find what works with the structure of the face and looks flattering. A flattering hairstyle can be the most important single Factor in your appearance. Not only does it tell about your character, it balances your body, frames your face and Complements your clothes and lifestyle.

In contrast in order to traditional haircutting, which usually makes use of scissers (dual blade), shaver hair style, or maybe more popularly known as shaver cut, utilizes razor blade (single blade) in “slicing” the hair. In the actual old instances, the actual shaver reduce was used limited to Bobs. Nonetheless, it is very popular right now and is also useful for other hairstyles also. This is because, with all the proper hair type, “slicing” generates far better outcomes than reducing

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