Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hair Clippers

Clipper Cutting Techniques

If you start to delve into the realm of clipper cutting the hair, you’ll soon learn that although the lengths of the haircuts created in your average clipper styles are much shorter, the number of different hairstyles possible is just as varied. At least, the terms for the hairstyles are varied. There are some basics, however, and that’s what we try to focus on here.

Hair Clippers

A selection of clippers, razors and trimmers available to purchase online. Includes all the well known brands: Andis, Norelco, Wahl and Oster clippers.

Tips for Clipper Cutting Success

There are a few things about cutting hair with clippers that are different than when cutting hair with scissors.

Hair cutting Q&A

Questions and answers about cutting hair. Includes many Q&As about the use of clippers, shavers and razors!


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The Shaved Head

So you've made the decision to shave your head, and the time has come to put your plan to practice. The first step is going to be getting your hair to a length where shaving can be easily accomplished. This means a clipper cut.

Andis 23680 22 Piece Platinum Hair Cutting Kit

The 22 piece kit with clippers contains all you need to cut and trim the whole family’s hair with professional results. Featuring a video with easy to follow instructions, the cutting kit is easy to use, convenient, and saves a lot on hair cutting costs.

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