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Hair Care Tips And Routine for Infants

Hair Care Tips And Hair Care Routine for Infants
Hair Care Tips for Infants

Hair Care Tips And Routine for Infants
1. Infants require special, but simple, hair care. Whether a baby has lots of hair or very little, a baby's scalp is fragile and the hair follicles are still developing, so the baby's hair and scalp need gentle care.

2. A baby's hair and scalp can be cleaned with a washcloth and a natural, mild baby shampoo. It should then be rinsed with lukewarm water. Use a gentle, no tears formula baby shampoo.

3. A baby's hair should typically NOT be washed more than once a week.

Hair Care Tips And Routine for Infants4. A small amount of oil should then be applied to the hair, brushing it with a soft-bristle baby brush in the direction that it naturally grows.

5. When choosing an oil, you want something that is very light and natural. Choose a product that contains herbs, olive oil and other natural ingredients (e.g. aloe, sage oil, olive oil, almond, lavender, rosemary and caster oils). These products can be found at a natural hair salon or at a health food store.

6. You want to avoid products that could potentially clog the pores, such as Petroleum Jelly.

TOP 11 Critical Tools Needed to Style a Child's Hair

1. Combs: Rattail comb (great for making straight parts and removing debris from the
hair). Pick (wide teeth allow for combing through thick hair). Wide-tooth comb (helps detangle thick hair during a comb out)

Hair Care Tips And Routine for Infants2. Brush : You need a soft or medium boar bristle brush (avoid brushes with plastic or nylon bristles, as they contribute to breakage in the hair). A brush helps to smooth the hair

3. Oil : Good for shine and provides some nutrients (use oils that contain sage, olive,
rosemary, and almond or lavender, which are great for the hair and scalp). Light oils in liquid form (not gel) are best.

4. Spray Bottle or Detangle Spray : If using spray bottle, fill it with one part oil and six parts water

5. Blow Dryer (preferably with a comb attachment) : Aids in quick drying and detangling

6. Hair Ornaments : Bows, ribbons, barrettes, cloth-covered rubber bands (these won't break the child's hair), beads, knockers (or ponytail holders)

7. Hair Pins :To assist in holding some styles securely

Hair Care Tips And Routine for Infants
8. Hair Clips : To keep hair divided into sections when attempting to style

9. Gel :  Helps in styling and adding luster.

10. Child's favorite videotape or DVD: Can be an aid in getting children to sit still during a styling process

11. Patience: Do not become frustrated with the process.

Recommended Hair Care Routine : TIPS FOR SHAMPOOING HAIR:

How Often Should I Shampoo A Child's Hair?

Hair Care Tips And Routine for Infants It is generally recommended that the hair be washed no more than every 7-10 days. Shampooing more often than that tends to dry it out. However, shampooing a child's hair varies by hair texture. For example, a child with very fine hair will need to shampoo their hair more often than a child with medium to coarse hair. For coarse hair sometimes it is necessary to rinse and saturate hair before applying shampoos. This will rinse out any build-up of products such as gel, hair grease, mousse, and leave in conditioners.

The Process of Shampooing:

Hair Care Tips And Routine for Infants1. Shampoo a child's hair by having them kneel in a chair and bend over the kitchen sink or under the bathroom tub faucet. You may prefer to have the child lay on the kitchen counter on their back with their head under the faucet. This way the water would not get into their eyes. If possible, attaching a removable spray nozzle to the sink or showerhead greatly aids the process.

2. Squeeze some shampoo (approximately 1 tbsp.) into the palm of your hand and gently massage the shampoo all over the child's hair.

3. Using the ball of your fingertips (don't use your nails-scratching can irritate the scalp), gently massage the scalp with in and out motions, moving your fingers through the hair starting around the hairline and the nape of the neck and working your way to the center of the scalp.

4. When a child has tightly curled tresses, be sure NOT to gather the hair in a bunch on top of the head, as this may cause unnecessary tangling.

5. For thicker hair, it may be necessary to apply and rinse out shampoo two or three times, with one-two minute rinses in between. Caregivers may choose to wash the hair within the sections they divided it into when combing it out. This can make the washing process easier.

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