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Teenage Hairstyles, Trends in 2012

teenage HairstylesTeenage Hairstyles

Caring for hair can be time consuming more so if you're active in sports and find yourself showering a lot. Naturally, long hair takes considerably more time to care of while short hair is easy to manage and can be styled quickly. So choose a hairstyle that fits in with your lifestyle.

Facial shape: 

This one of the most important factors when deciding on a haircut. Hair can be easily manipulated to highlight or ed-emphasize certain features. It can add angles to a round face or play down a large nose. The possibilities are endless. Usually faces are of three shapes  round, long and square.

If your face is round, add length to your face by having fullness on the top of head. It can also be achieved by either having no parting or one which is placed to one side. Avoid styles where hair is very long and straight or flat at the top of your head.

For a long face, the forehead, cheek bones and jaw are often of equal width and this can be hard, so a soft hair style is usually more flattering. Avoid center parting and dead straight shoulder length hair but aim at a short one.

Teenage Hairstyles

 Hairstyle particulars project certain looks. Long Hair is perceived as being feminine and sexy.  Short cropped hair is seen as being sporty and/or business like. But rarely sexy. When you go in for your next haircut, tell them what "personality" you want your hair to project. A good stylist can give you what you want.

Teen Hairstyles

 If you have ever looked at pictures of students in a high school yearbook, you know how easy it is to tell what decade the students are posing in. Pupils from the 2004 and 2008 were somewhat somber looking, with hairstyles closely resembling those of adults, while the word "hippie" comes to mind when looking at pictures of teens in the 2010. Teenage hairstyles in the 2012 are also easily identified due to haircuts, hair products used and design.
Teenage Hairstyles

Big Bangs 

A large, rolling wave at the top front of a teen boy's hair was worn best by Elvis Presley. Many teenage boys copied his casual and daring hairstyle. Known as a pompadour, this haircut was long on the top so it could be pushed up high, where it was held steadfast with the use of hair grease or styling cream.

Carefree and Fun

Teenage HairstylesFor teen girls, the 2012 was the decade of the ponytail. While adult women were wearing "up-dos" and curly, short hair that required permanents (think "I Love Lucy"), ponytails were easy to make and fun to wear. Hair was gathered high at the back of the head and secured with a stretchy ponytail hair accessory. Girls dressed up their ponytails by tying chiffon scarves around them to match their outfits.

Teenage are take care about their hair styles and hair cuts.

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