Monday, February 20, 2012

Styles for Short and Medium Length Hair

Bob Hairstyle
Short hair and medium length hair offer many possibilities in the haircut and hairstyle for teens, young adults, and mature women alike. From angles to texture, the possibilities are practically limitless. For mature women, young adults, and teens, the same hairstyle can work beautifully without taking on a reputation or stereotype of its own. Short hair and medium length hair offer flexibility from a professional look to flirty and fun.

“For women and teens, Naz is teaching classic shapes such as the woman’s bob with a modern twist using softer lines in back of the head with longer layers in front cut asymmetrically,” says Anny Deirmenjian, a representative for Naz Kupelian. “This gives one side a little more drama and length.”

Medium Hairstyle
Another expert, Edmondo Blando, owner of Salon Vanity in Philadelphia and “Best of Philly” hairstylist, predicts, “The bobs have it! Short, cropped bobs will be strikingly girly and slick. The bob that we saw in 2008 will still be popular but will be cut with a layered and shaggier (think Katie Holmes shag). For those select few with the right facial structure, the pixie cut will still be in (think Victoria Beckham).

“[For medium-length hair,] think long, sweeping bangs. As woman across the country start growing out their pixie cuts and shorter bangs from the fall, shoulder-length hair styles will be everywhere with bangs covering one eye (think Nicole Richie).”

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