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how you can silky your hair

How to Keep Your Hair Feeling Healthy, Soft and Silky

It’s the dream of every woman on the planet to have hair that’s healthy, soft and silky. We spend lots of time trying to get it that way so that we can look our best, but it often fails to hit the mark. There’s no one single technique that works perfectly for everybody, but here are some simple things that can really help.

Know Thy Enemies

First of all, it’s important to know what things damage your hair. These can be:
  • Over-styling with curlers, straighteners and excessive blow-drying
  • Chemicals and pollution in the air
  • Exposure to wind, sunshine or saltwater
  • Stress. smoking, diet and your sleeping patterns
What’s keeping your hair from being as soft and silky as it should be? Try to tackle as many of these causes as you can and you will see a dramatic improvement in the health of your hair.

Stop Styling

One way to get your hair back to its natural, healthy state is to go cold turkey on the styling products. Give your hair a chance to recover and it’ll regain some of its luster. If your hair’s been over-styled a lot, you might want to try a deep conditioning treatment. This is a treatment that uses a very powerful conditioner for a short period of time. Follow the instructions on the package.

Protect Your Hair

Because there are so many things in the environment that can wreak havoc on your hair, keep it protected when you go out. Wear a scarf when you’re in the sun and tie it up on windy days. If you go swimming a lot, stay out of the ocean or swimming pools that use chemicals like chlorine.

Condition, Condition and Condition More

Simply using the right conditioner is a great way to keep your hair’s silky smoothness. Know your hair type and choose a conditioner that’s made especially for you. If your hair is fine, use something light. If it’s thick, choose something tougher. Experiment a little bit to see what works, and you can also ask your hair stylist for a recommendation.
If you are interested in learning more about going natural, check out my post on Going Shampoo Free.

Natural Bristles

The brush you’re using may also rough up the texture of your hair. Use a brush with soft bristles for your after-shower brushing. Brush your hair out while it’s still wet and be extra gentle with it.

Proper Diet for Healthy Hair

What you eat has a huge effect on the way your hair looks and feels. Make sure that you’re eating a balanced diet that includes lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and drink plenty of water. Make an effort to get all the daily recommended vitamin dosages you need. Protein from nuts and lean meat is also good for your hair. A simple daily multi-vitamin can really help you and your hair get the essential vitamins and nutrients that it needs.
For more detailed information about what foods you can eat for healthy hair, check out this article from WebMD. Top Ten Foods For Healthy Hair.

Home Remedies for Hair

Chemicals can cause lots of damage to your hair’s health even while making it look good and helping to control it. But all-natural remedies give your hair health benefits without the side effects. Black sesame, coconut oil, beetroot, mashed banana, and egg white are just a few of the natural remedies you can use. You might even have them in your kitchen cabinets right now.
Finally, listen to your hair. Pay attention to when humidity or sunshine is causing trouble. Always use the right conditioner to counterbalance the effects, and no matter what you do, always be gentle with your hair. Hair is sensitive and treating it too roughly will make it lose its natural shine.

Silky hair tips: How to make my hair silky please give me suggestion .

Alternative Treatment for Silky Hair

Improper care of your hair can make them rough and dry. Over exposure of hair to sun and dust can damage your hair. There are a variety of commercial products that can make your hair silky. Use products that have a high silica or calcium content. There are plenty of shampoos available in the market. Select a shampoo that suits your hair. Many prefer rubbing their hair with coconut oil. Coconut oil is cheap, hence easily available. It is the easiest way to obtain silky hair. You can also apply lemon juice as it is great for removing dandruff. You may have to take vitamins that include biotin and MSM. Egg whites are also used frequently to give a silky texture to your hair. Healthy eating regimen plays an important role in making silky hair. Daily, drink 4 to 6 glasses of water and have a nutritious diet. Deep conditioning treatments that are done in salons are also useful. These treatments not only impart a silky texture but also give a shiny look to your hair. For drying your hair, never use a blow dryer. A blow dryer will make your hair rough. The above tips will surely make your hair silky and healthy.
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Hair care advice
Genetic factors decide the kind of hair you have, however other factors such as your diet, lifestyle and the products you use can either improve or ruin your hair. Dull, lifeless hair is usually an indication of lack of adequate nourishment, exposure to extreme heat and wind and use of harsh chemical products on your hair. The best way to have healthy, shiny hair is to ensure that you drink plenty of water and consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals such as zinc, iron and iodine. 

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How can I get soft, silky hair?

I have dry, damaged hair! What can I do to get it softer and silkier?
by Camou in Hair Care & Hair Treatment
Soft and silky hair is a dream of every woman; all of them want their hair to be the most beautiful among the others. But to fulfill this dream you need to take good care of your hair and pamper them a lot. Try the following simple tips at home before buying all the expensive products available in the market with high claims to be the best -
  • Hot oil massage and treatments are very useful to soften your hair. Take ¼ cup of extra virgin olive oil in a plastic bottle. Make the oil hot by placing the bottle in hot water. Apply this oil to washed hair and then leave it for 10 -15 minutes with your shower cap on. Rinse the oil gently. This is a very effective way to soften your hair and make them silky.
  • Mix a cup of water in a cup of white vinegar to dilute it. After shampooing make the last rinse with this diluted vinegar mixture. This will also help to give a nice shine and silkiness to your hair. Don't worry about the smell; it will fade away slowly within half hour.

  • Mix equal parts of castor oil and water about ¼ cup each. Wash your hair using this mixture and while washing massage the hair thoroughly. Rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Egg yolks are also a precious remedy when it comes to soft hair. Mix two egg yolks with a cup of water, to this mixture add a tablespoon of olive oil. Massage this mixture on our hair and leave it on covered with a shower cap for 15 minutes. Rinse using lukewarm water. If you are worried about the smell then you can make the last rinse using a mild shampoo to get rid of the off smell.

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