Monday, February 20, 2012

Latest Hairstyles for Teens and Young Adults

latest hairstyles
latest hairstyles
Inspiration for hairstyles often comes from the many celebrity faces in the media. From pop stars to rock ‘n rollers, a lot of the latest hairstyles and haircut trends start where you’d most expect it.

“Right now, many of the youth are looking too young Hollywood for inspiration and direction as to their next hair move,” Ruth Kim notes. “Great examples are Rihanna, Lauren Conrad, Ashlee Simpson and Taylor Swift; they take a classic idea to the next level in a unique way that works for them. They have learned that just because something may seem trendy in latest hairstyles, it may not be the best look for their face lifestyle, so they make it their own latest hairstyles”.

Vanity’s Blando adds, “Most teens will be wearing their hair long and loose, letting is air dry for a natural wave. Brunettes will always be popular but the blondes are going blonder - bleached blond will be hot this spring.”

Men’s Haircut and Hairstyle Trends

“For men, Naz is teaching updated versions of the sixties (think Elvis) but with a lot of texture and movement to the latest hairstyles. The finishing for this look can be achieved with hair wax.” Sounds like the McDreamy look to us!

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