Monday, April 9, 2012

Holy Hairstyle, Jennifer Lopez 2012

Holy HairstyleHoly Hairstyle, Jennifer Lopez!

 At present time Jennifer Lopez hair style  is very choose able  for this reason we provide her hair style it very popular for young girls.


 She may star in mundane romantic comedies, butis nothing but an original when it comes to fashion. Remember her iconic dress at the 2000 Grammy Awards? Or her catsuit on New Years Eve ?J. Lo has always pushed the style envelope, likely to distract from her floundering career. Case in point:Look at how she wore her hair at the UK premiere of The Back-Up Plan. It's smart PR, really. Now people will talk about that thing on her head instead of that awful movie on the screen


Holy Hairstyle

What do you think of J. Lo's High Hair?

1. Different and beautiful! 
2.  Different and hideous!
3. J. Lo is still a celebrity?!?

We can't imagine anyone would wish to copy this hairstyle, but what do you think of Lopez's dress in the photos below? You can find it, and other celebrity fashion ideas, in our  new THG store!

Holy HairstyleIn ancient times, as throughout many countries today, a person's social rank could be determined
by his dress. Similarly, dress is a significant measurement of Christian conduct and practice.
Christians can often by identified as such by their outward appearance.

Our people predicate their practices and beliefs upon the Bible. In baptism, we practice immersion in the name of Jesus as the apostles did. We teach and preach the baptism of the Holy Spirit as a definite experience evidenced by speaking with other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance.

Since we adhere as carefully and closely to the Scriptures as possible in matters pertaining to
salvation, we also measure the standards of Christian practicalities such as clothing, by the same

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