Saturday, March 24, 2012

Choosing a Hair Salon For Every Person

Choosing a Hair Salon

Choosing a Salon:
o One of the best ways to find a salon that is right for you and your child is word of mouth. In your travels throughout the day, while at the grocery store or any place children may be accompanying their parents, pay close attention to other children ’s hairstyles.
o You want to find a salon that has a great reputation for working with children. Find out how long they’ve been in business. A year is long enough for a reputation to be established and for you to feel secure. Before going, find out if they take children and about the starting age.

Ask for a Consultation:

1. Many salons will offer consultations. This is a good idea if you’ve never been to a salon before or if you’re trying a salon for the first time.

2. A consultation will give the stylist a chance to check the texture and condition of your child’s hair and discuss style options with you.

3. The consultation should include information about the price of the style, an explanation of the technique, and an estimated length of time it will take for the style to be completed, including any waiting time.

4. This is also a good time to ask about how long the style will last and its maintenance

5. During a consultation you shouldn’t feel rushed. A stylist can answer questions even while working on someone else ’s hair. Don’t feel intimidated. Ask all of the questions you came with and continue the dialogue until you feel satisfied.

 Preparing Your Child for a Salon Experience:

Taking a child to a hair salon for the first time can be a fun experience as well as exciting. Sometimes though, the excitement turns to fear once the child is separated from the parent and is experiencing a stranger touching them.

 In order to prepare your child, here are some tips:
1. Talk with your child a few weeks before and start continuously preparing her for the salon experience the closer it gets. Make sure you let the child know she will need to sit still and the importance of her cooperating with the stylist.
2.If your child starts to cry at the salon, ask the stylist if you can hold your child’s hand or let the child sit on your lap.
3. Bring books, dolls or other portable activities to entertain your child at the salon. Based on the day of the week and time of day, your child may have to wait while the stylist rotates clients.

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