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Curly Hair Color For All Age Man Women In 2012

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The Best Haircutting Technique & Styles for Your Curly Hair

hair colorTake the extra time to consult with your hair designer before you start your next haircut. There are two to three different types of curls on each naturally curly head, which is why a standard haircut will not work. The most effective hair-cutting techniques for curly hair are called “Carving” or “Slicing”. Outlaid, ‘the Queen of Curl’ from New York and a leading curly hair expert in the professional beauty industry, has developed these special hair-cutting techniques. Outlaid has done extensive research on curly hair and its characteristics. Her hair-cutting methodology is so unique, that it has been awarded a US Trademark. The “Carving” hair cutting process is used most frequently on fine hair, encouraging a large curl pattern as opposed to a
small mass of curls. The “Slicing” hair cutting process involves taking one section of the hair at a time by slicing the hair lightly with the wave of the curl, so that the curls will cup gracefully into each other, instead of stacking up on top of each norther. 

hair colorAny expert Outlaid trained curly hair designer such as myself, can address the multiple textures that exist with our clients who have curly hair. A certified hairstylist will see and feel your different textures and know when to carve and when to slice in order to achieve the best curl definition for your hair. These techniques, combined with the correct professional product applications, will give you beautiful looking curls. You may think that longer curly hairstyles are easier to maintain, but shorter styles are typically easier to manage. The weight of your hair will affect your hairstyle. The coarseness or fineness of the hair shaft, facial structure and age are also factors in determining an easy and flattering hairstyle. A trained curly hair stylist can determine a style that works best on you, one that is close to the natural curl pattern of your hair. Short or long, an expert curly haircut can make all the difference in maintaining your total image and hairstyle. The most stylish hair is not necessarily the easiest to maintain.

 For example 

hair colorcurls worn by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kid man may look sexy and “tousled” by their defined curls but these styles are often “set” with rollers to enhance their natural curls. However, for everyday wear, these styles can take some practice. If you want a formal up do or a specialty hair design for an event such as a wedding, set your hair in rollers to soften and loosen your curls. By doing this you will create beautiful height with added glamor. For a more romantic and natural look, condition your hair using the right products and techniques to create a head full of lustrous, bouncy and sexy curls. You can frame your face with several tendrils fashioned by using a curling iron, straightening iron or hairpins. Make several tousled twists and you will have a very modern unstructured look. To create a finished appearance, don’t forget to use a professional climate control and a shine product that resists the effects of humidity.

Maintaining Your Curls

hair colorTo keep your curls healthy, you will need a structured haircare maintenance program with a professional product system. Deep hair conditioning treatments should be applied once a week at home or in the salon. Special curly hair professional products should be used for weekly moisturizing and conditioning to maintain a beautiful shine, luster and bounce. Do not use any voluminous or terrorizing shampoo. Curls thrive from their own pure definition, not volume. They already have natural body. I recommend you get a haircut at least once every 2 to 3 months if your hair is shoulder length or longer and no more than every 6 to 8 weeks, if you have short hair.

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Men’s Curly Hair

Professional haircutting techniques for men with curly hair are very similar to women with short curly hair. Men should not cover up or mask their curls. Celebrities such as Justin Timberlake and Hayden Christensen have made curls fashionably sexy and mainstream. There are many professional and stylish haircuts available today for men with curly hair – including long, medium, short or the newly popular haircut that is longer on top and shorter on the sides and in the back. It is important that your hairstylist understands your curl patterns and how they will relate to the overall hairstyle and image that you desire.

hair colorProperly Trained Curly Hair Specialists

At Elie.Elie, all of our hairstylists have significant curly hair experience as well as plenty of advanced education whilebeing very strong in the basic foundations of hairstyling for all hair types. They perfect their haircuts and hairstyles to stay current on the latest hair design trends, through monthly in-salon and off-site educational programs. They also work with each other to achieve the latest celebrity and innovative styles based on classic cuts. Once hairstylists at my salon reach a high level of curl competence, they are trained in the Ouidad methodology for curly hair. They train at both my salon and at Ouidad’s Salon in New York City. In order to receive curly hair certification, they must pass an examination by Ouidad herself and participate in ongoing continued Ouidad education. I absolutely love curly hair! I specialize in curly hair, haircolor and updo artistry. Take the time to explore curly hair experts in your city who have invested the extra time to experience all of the different curly haircutting, hairstyling and haircoloring techniques. Put your curly hair and trust in their talented hands and you will always look like a celebrity!
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Curly Hair Challenges

hair colorThe most common curly hair challenges I have seen include frizziness, bulkiness, lack of style, undefined curls and dull haircolor. Curly hair is very fragile and improper care can lead to brittle hair. Over processed hair, improper product use, poor diet and other conditions can cause lackluster curls. Therefore re-hydrating curly hair to restore its natural oils and bounce is very important. You may have difficulty finding a “professional” look for your work life or you may be frustrated because you feel that no one really understands your hair. Many times hairstylists suggest thinning or razoring techniques that can contribute to the pyramid affect, which agitates your hair. As curly hair women, you probably have closets full of haircare products that don’t work. You need to consult with a professional hair designer to carefully select the best products for curly hair. Some products will smother the hair in an effort to “tame” it. High silicon and high alcohol content products will have short-term results, but in the long run these will cause your curly hair to easily become dry, frizzy and break.

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