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Hair style & Hair Care

 Hair style & Hair Care

Hair Style &care is very impotent at present time every man &women  
should of their Hair Care.  There are some tips about Hair Style & Care. Style &care

 Hair style

 can camouflage some beauty dilemmas. Long bangs can soften lines around the eyes (crow’s feet) and forehead wrinkles. Layering hair around the face, angling at and below the chin can distract from a
wrinkled neck. Layering is effective in slenderizing the face.

Hair color 
 Hair color should always look natural. The golden rule in hair coloring is not to go toolight or too dark. Cover gray with a shade slightly lighter than your natural color. Bleacheschemically alter each hair strand, but do not injure the root. Hair dye works more like paint by covering hair strands with color. Style &care Keep hair 
        Keep Hair clean and shiny! Shampoos do matter, as some are harsher than others; select them
carefully. Hair and scalp may not need to be washed as often as the body ages/matures, but do not
neglect it. How often you wash your hair depends on the type of hair, the weather, your physical
activity, and perhaps even your occupation. Style &care Properly shampoo your hair. A proper, thorough brushing should precede every shampooing. Lather well once or twice using your fingertips, not nails, to work the lather outward from the scalp. Use
lukewarm (not hot) water to rinse. Rinse well! Daily shampooing will not make the hair fall out, but it can cause breakage depending on hair type. A clean scalp encourages hair growth. Style &care Curling is safest if you twist your hair into pin curls overnight. Hot rollers
and curling irons give the best results with coarse hair but may damage
strands or roots when used to excess. When using a curling iron, always roll in the hair ends last. The safest curling for fine hair is to let it air dry and wind it loosely around sponge.
If there’s no time to shampoo, sprinkle with a small amount of baby powder down to the roots.
Use just enough powder to absorb grease. Comb or brush powder through hair. Don’t overdo,or hair will look gray

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