Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How can U cut your Hair!!!

How to Layer Cut Your Own Hair

Layer Cut Your Own Hair
If you don't have the time or money for a professional cut, here's how to do a quick layered haircut. Read all the way through before you start.

Comb your dry hair, look at yourself in a mirror and decide what length your hair should be. (You may want to tie this to some physical landmark, such as chin-length, or down to your collarbone or whatever.) Note the length of the hair you want to take off.
Assemble your equipment: A sharp set of scissors (if you don't have hair-cutting scissors, fabric scissors are excellent), a comb, shampoo and conditioner. You will also need to be in front of a mirror when you start cutting.
Shampoo and condition your hair. Do not rinse out the conditioner--it makes it easier to comb your hair.
Comb your hair, as straight as you can, and gather it (as if you were making a pony-tail) at the very top of your head--the bit of your scalp that is uppermost when you stand up straight.
  • It may help to bend over while you do this.
  • Try to be precise about this--gather your hair in the middle of the top of your head, not too far forward or backward. Check your alignment in the mirror.
Twist your gathered hair as tightly as you can into a spira
ake your scissors and cut off the length of hair you noted in Step 1.

Does cutting your hair frequently, make it grow healthy and long?

I am sure you have heard that if you cut your hair frequently, your hair will grow in faster, longer, and healthier.
Gobbledygook! This myth came from the observation of men’s facial hair. As they shaved, the facial hair would indeed grow in thicker. Its called, ‘puberty.’ This is because certain male hormones affect facial hair in that manner. They do not affect the hair on your head in the same way.

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