Thursday, March 29, 2012

Luxurious, Healthy Hair Secrets

Luxurious, Healthy Hair SecretsLuxurious, Healthy Hair Secrets
Luxurious, healthy and beautiful hair is on of the secrets behind successful women. Hair in great condition is more powerful than wardrobe or accessories.

Luxurious, healthy and beautiful hair can improve your overall look in a flash. What are the secrets of keeping it in perfect condition? The daily handling! It can make your hair amazing or it can damage it beyond repair.

Here are eight most important tips for fabulous tresses: 

Luxurious, Healthy Hair Secrets1. Because tap water often contains natural minerals, it can make your hair look dull or very hard to style. So, you need to find if the water you use for washing your hair is "hard or soft water". Just ask your local water department.

2. Trim the ends of your hair every 1-2 months. Cut at least 1/2 inch to maintain healthy ends.

3. Before washing and shampooing your hair, gently brush dry hair. This will help remove product buildup and stimulate the scalp for improved hair growth.

4. Do not use plastic-bristle brushes. Use only natural boar bristle brushes.

Luxurious, Healthy Hair Secrets5. Use an ionic hair dryer. It will cut hair-drying time in half and this will reduce the chance of potential heat damage. And always use your dryer's nozzle to help prevent frizz. And if you have curly tresses, use a diffuser attachment .

6. Use color protective products to minimize dryness, keep color true and prevent damage.

7. Your should deep condition once every 14 days to strengthen strands. A good tip is to use a blow-dryer heat to intensify deep conditioning.

8. If you have textured or relaxed hair, you need to give it a break. You need to space processing treatments at least 14 days apart.

Luxurious, Healthy Hair Secrets

Luxurious, Healthy Hair Secrets

Luxurious, Healthy Hair Secrets
 Of course, there are many more secrets of luxurious, healthy and beautiful hair, but these eight tips are enough to begin with.

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